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Verizon bets on Armstrong, M&A savvy in Yahoo bid

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However, analysts cautioned that even a combined Yahoo-AOL would lack the unique data, such as user interests and tastes, that powers its rivals in online ads, chiefly Alphabet Inc’s (GOOGL.O) Google and Facebook Inc (FB.O).

Yahoo, under pressure from activist investors, launched an auction of its core business in February after it shelved plans to spin off its stake in Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba Group Holding Ltd (BABA.N). The owner of Britain’s Daily Mail newspaper also said this week it is in talks with potential partners to mount a joint bid.

NEW YORK Verizon Communications Inc (VZ.N) is the clear favorite in the upcoming bidding for Yahoo Inc’s (YHOO.O) core Internet business, according to Wall Street analysts, in large part because the telecommunications company’s efforts to become a force in Internet content have gone relatively well under the leadership of AOL Inc Chief Executive Tim Armstrong.

The first round of bidding is slated for next week, and Verizon plans to make a bid, sources familiar with the matter have told Reuters.

The app, which launched in October, offers videos from Comedy Central and Vice, among others, as well as basketball and football games.

Verizon acquired AOL last June for $4.4 billion – its first big foray into the advertising-supported Internet business – and it is not yet clear how well the unit is performing financially. Todd in San Francisco; Editing by Jonathan Weber, Eric Effron and Bill Rigby)

Other players weighing joint or solo bids are media company Time Inc (TIME.N) and several private equity firms including Blackstone Group LP (BX.N) and KKR & Co LP (KKR.N), according to sources. Mayer would likely leave after a Verizon-Yahoo deal, analysts said.  

Verizon is not especially interested in Yahoo’s massive stakes in Alibaba and Yahoo Japan Corp (4689.T), which are worth far more than its core internet business, the sources said. With Yahoo’s struggling business, “the luxury of autonomy is simply not there,” Recon Analytics analyst Roger Entner said.

“The management puts a lot of faith in Armstrong,” BTIG analyst Walt Piecyk said.

Armstrong, who made his name leading sales at Google, is highly regarded in the advertising community – in contrast to Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer, another former Google high-flyer, who has been struggling to revive Yahoo.

That faith derives in part from the belief that Armstrong did a good job at left-for-dead AOL, especially in assembling a strong set of products to deliver targeted digital ads to customers.

That could leave an opening for a bidder such as Softbank Group (9984.T), Yahoo’s partner in Yahoo Japan, which might be able to devise a way to minimize the tax bill that would come with any sale of the Asia investments.


Yet analysts have given the big phone company high marks for allowing AOL to operate independently and folding in other recent acquisitions without much drama. “They’re the leading candidate in this effort and can afford to pay the most because of cost synergies and scale.”

Verizon, AOL and Yahoo declined to comment.

By Malathi Nayak


Combining AOL and Yahoo, an idea that has come up many times over the years, could instantly make Yahoo a major player in Internet advertising, with Armstrong – one of the world’s top ad executives – at the helm, analysts said. Riley & Co analyst Sameet Sinha said.

Verizon showed interest in Yahoo’s core business as early as December, when Chief Financial Officer Fran Shammo said the company would “see if there is a strategic fit” for Yahoo’s holdings, which include mail, news, sports and advertising technology.

“(Yahoo) is ultimately Verizon’s to lose,” said Robert Peck, Internet analyst at SunTrust Robinson Humphrey.

Verizon’s hands-off approach that has worked with AOL, though, might not be suitable if the far-bigger Yahoo were taken over. And they said Armstrong seems to be driving Verizon’s recent moves in go90 and recent acquisitions. Subsequent moves, including the takeover of much of Microsoft Corp’s (MSFT.O) advertising technology business, a deal to buy Millennial Media for about $250 million and the recent launch of the mobile video service go90, are also too recent to assess.

Verizon is already working on increasing revenue through its ad-supported mobile video service go90, targeted at millennials and built on video streaming technology acquired from Intel Corp (INTC.O) in 2014.

(Reporting by Malathi Nayak; Additional reporting by Jessica Toonkel in New York and Deborah M.

Armstrong “has good M&A experience, and a pretty solid ad tech stack,” B

Summer Games For Kids: How To Play Wiffle Ball

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They can’t leave that area, but they can snag any balls in it. This one is not for everyone. This is a game that works just as well at a group picnic or an empty basketball court, as it does in your own backyard. 

You can play at a moments notice: No need for finding gloves and protective gear, getting a team together, and getting to a field. 

You can play in the country or in a more urban setting: Wiffle balls and bats were designed to make sure the balls don’t travel too far when hit or pitched. The fact that you can pick up and play just about anywhere adds to it too. If there are more than two players, you can place one person in each designated marker area. And a whole lot of fun!

When I was a child, there was no game I loved more than wiffle ball. Essentially you are moving imaginary runners around the diamond. There are lots of ways to play (well beyond the official rules), it’s cheap to set up, and, perhaps most importantly, it’s an outside game so everyone can enjoy the beautiful sunny weather. Foul tips are strikes, except for the third strike (just like in baseball), and balls that aren’t swung at, but hit your strike marker are strikes as well. 

Just for kicks

What makes wiffle ball special?

The offical (or close to it) wiffle ball game

This is great for two players, but there can be as many as five per team. And when hit in the air, they can take some unusual twists and turns. 

It’s pretty safe for young ones: Baseballs and baseball bats can be dangerous in young hands. Here you’ll learn the basics of what you need to know (and have) to get a good game of wiffle ball going. 

There are three outs per side. If you can hit the runner in the torso area (no head, no legs) while the runner is circling the bases, then the runner is out. 

Well, simply put–it’s like baseball but with a hollow plastic bat and plastic balls made with unique (and often oblong) holes. I had a few wiffle balls to the head in my day, though I should say I think I’m pretty ok from it.

A lot of warm weather good times to be had

So if you’re considering your options for cool summer games for kids around your neighborhood, here’s a vote for giving wiffle ball a shot. But if you love softball, the twelve-inch varieties are your best bet. 

The wiffle ball bat

The original yellow plastic bat is a classic. All you need is some basic equipment and you are set!

Wiffle balls

I’m a fan of the original wiffle balls, though there are variations out there. A home run is, well, a home run. Outs are scored by striking out, a defender catching a fly in fair or foul territory, but with a ground ball, there needs to be a tag or a force out (touch a base before a runner who is forced to move gets to it, due to a hit). 

You score runs by getting a clean hit that lands (and stops) in one of the marked areas. Set up foul lines, a strike zone (a piece of marked cardboard can help), and field markers for a single, double, triple, and home run. But, my friends and I loved this variation when we were kids. There are no walks as wiffle balls can be tough to control. 

When one on one, you’ve got the entire field as the defender. Wiffle ball equipment is more like plastic lightweight toys in comparison.

It’s great baseball or softball training: If your child has shown interest in these sports, wiffle ball is a great low impact place to start. 

The equipment you need

As mentioned, it’s pretty cheap to get a wiffle ball set up going. If you can catch up to a fly ball (in fair or foul territory) or a moving ground ball in fair territory, you can snag it for an out, no matter where on the field. It’s great for getting summer time exercise for the kids. Other variations have holes covering the entire ball, and often the holes are a perfectly circular shape. Really, it’s the same as the baseball variation above, but you can get someone out through a well-aimed throw at the runner. It’s light, easy to swing, and durable. Plus, who doesn’t love the bright, fun color? It just feels like summer. 

Throw down bases

While not a necessity (you can use landmarks, stones, and other natural markers), many people like using throw down bases. But again, it adds to the play risk. It’ll also score any runners already on second or third. There is no running of the bases, only pitching, hitting, and outs. It gives the game a little more organized feel, and they’re really not that pricey of an accessory for the value they bring.

Game variations

There are quite a few ways to play a game of wiffle ball. If you’ve got young baseball fans in the family, this is a great game to share with them.

The title says it all. These balls have oblong holes going around the top of the ball only. If you don’t like the idea of your kids throwing wiffle balls at someone running the bases, just ignore this one. In fact, as far as summer games for kids go, I’d say this one ranks up there in terms of fun, exercise, and family-bonding potential. For most wiffle ball game variations, you have the exact same goals as in baseball. A single gets a runner on base. I suggest fifteen feet per each of these markers, starting from home plate. They are easier for kids to hold and throw, and they are a bit more challenging to hit. Plus, the balls are hollow and light, so it’s nearly impossible for them to do major damage to things they hit.

A game can work with two people or eighteen people: This is a summer kid’s game that can be just as fun one-on-one as against a team. 

The balls are fun to throw, hit, and catch: The holes in the balls allow you to throw some amazing “junk” pitches with lots of curves and sliding action. Here are a few, but feel free to make up your own house rules, too:

The “it’s just like baseball” variation

What is wiffle ball?. You field a team, you run the bases, and you score runs. It can be a lot of fun (and great baseball and softball training) just to throw the ball, swing the bat, and field without keeping score. Your child could even play on his or her own using a wiffle ball machine like the one below.

Why not just play baseball or softball you may be asking? Those can be fun summer games for kids too, but there’s a lot of cool things about wiffle ball that place it in a class all its own. 

Easy to set up. A double will move an imaginary runner on first to third. Pitch the ball, hit the ball, move runners forward, and get the batter out. But of course, no person can be passed the home run marker, unless you’re just a family onlooker cheering on the game!

The thrown ball tag variation

Technically you don’t need to have any ruled game surrounding your play time. It’s the only wiffle ball bat you need, no matter kid or adult. Then get to pitching and hitting! 

This is a great way for a small team (even two people) to play a base running version of the game.

I also prefer the nine-inch balls to the twelve-inch wiffle balls. A double or triple will clear the bases. Easy to play. Outs are earned by striking out, catching a ball in the air, or grabbing a ground ball while it’s still in motion. It’s got so much going for it between the family and team bonding opportunities, the skill learning, and ultimately just the fun of throwing, fielding, and batting these crazy balls. I’ve found that the original balls allow for more spin and tricks with the ball when pitching, and it does more interesting things in the air when hit. Proceed with caution

Cute Facebook Album Names – InfoBarrel

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These are really just some of many titles that can and should be used! You know what your friends are like, and if you really try, can sit down and think of a hilarious title that they will love. But I’ll tell you a secret. The perfect cute Facebook album name is in here somewhere, and if it is not, then don’t be afraid to look other places because they are all around you!

a picture is worth a thousand words

When life gave me Lemonade

“Because I knew you, I have been changed for good”

Angels on the Moon – And you are just another one of them!

There are many cute Facebook Album names out there to choose from.

My friends are the best I could ever ask for!

Live.Laugh.Love ?

Now, some of these titles I came up with on my own, but I will give credit and tell you that many of my friends have these as titles themselves. I know for a fact that some of these cute Facebook album names can guarantee you likes and notification for when you login. There are also many funny Facebook album names out there too, but that’s for another day! Go out and shock your friends now with your insanely cute Facebook album names.

It’s time to PARTYY!

pictures of youu, pictures of mee ?

Our last summer, memories that remain

Swimming through rapid waters

“My lip gloss is popping, my lip gloss is cool, all the boys keep jocking, they chase me after school”

friends are forever ?

My FrIeNdS ArE tHe BEST!

Time moves on like a river, but don’t ever forget the people that are running right beside you

Am I mad? Yes. You’re totally bonkers. All the best people are.. Maybe it has to do with an inside joke you personally share with only your best friends?

Turn around, bright eyes

It’s going down like chicken town

best friends ? I think so

even when I’m on my back ; I’m never backing down ?

Nothing’s sweeter than summertime

The bottom line is that there are plenty of cute Facebook album names out to choose from. Don’t be afraid to give any of these cute Facebook album names a try and see what comes of it.

“I know it might be wrong, but I’m in love with Stacy’s mom”

Yesterday, now, tomorrow… always love.


Sometimes cute Facebook album names can be hard to come up with, but that is okay because I have plenty for you! All of your friends are sitting at their computers trying to come up with a perfect title, but I already have many to choose from here for you