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Democrats trying to tie Trump to GOP senators seeking re-election, in bid to control the Senate

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John Kasich.

“Ayotte would let the man who wants to ban Muslims from entering the country, called Mexican immigrants ‘rapists,’ and said women should be punished for having an abortion nominate someone to a lifetime appointment on the Supreme Court,” the group said Wednesday.

While Washington Democrats have largely focused on those races, Trump this week becoming the lone GOP presidential candidate appears to have expanded their playing field to include North Carolina, where GOP Sen. Maggie Hassan is a tossup, according to most political handicappers.

However, linking him and his remarks to vulnerable GOP incumbents right away will be more difficult, considering few have endorsed Trump — the lone Republican presidential candidate after his commanding win Tuesday in Indiana forced out primary rivals Texas Sen.  

“While Democrat Senate candidates are all too eager to campaign on what they are against, Republicans will continue to lay out their visions to help our country recover from eight years of the Obama economy and get people back to work,” National Republican Senatorial Committee spokeswoman Alleigh Marre told But I’m not sold that Trump at the top of the ticket will sink our congressional majority.”

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has said only that he’s committed to supporting the nominee chosen by Republican voters and that Trump appears on the verge of clinching the nomination.

The Associated Press contributed to this report. Richard Burr is in a close re-election race for a third term.

However, House Speaker Paul Ryan has said he cannot support Trump until he gets some assurance from the presumptive nominee and billionaire businessman that he’ll push for a conservative agenda.  

And seven of the seats that the GOP must defend are in states President Obama won twice — Florida and Iowa as well as the targeted Illinois, Ohio, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin.

Their major focus appears to be the Senate, considering they have to win a net total of four seats to retake control of the chamber, though the more outside chance of also flipping the House now seems more attainable.


Washington Democrats wasted no time this week trying to tie congressional Republicans facing re-election to Donald Trump, now that he’s the presumptive GOP presidential nominee.

All five have essentially said they would support the Republican nominee, without naming names or pledging an endorsement.

But the DSCC first turned its attention on Ayotte — considering New Hampshire tilts Democratic in presidential years and polling shows Trump is deeply unpopular among New Hampshire voters, including the independents Ayotte desperately needs to support her.

The group, whose primary role is to help elect and re-elect Democrats to the upper chamber, has since the start of the election cycle targeted five Senate Republicans seeking re-election — New Hampshire’s Kelly Ayotte, Wisconsin’s Ron Johnson, Illinois’ Mark Kirk, Ohio’s Rob Portman and Pennsylvania’s Pat Toomey.

“There’s no going back for vulnerable incumbents and candidates who’ve pledged to support Trump,” the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee said Wednesday. “There is a reason Democrats aren’t lining up to campaign with Hillary Clinton. Ted Cruz and Ohio Gov. She is a toxic candidate whose failed leadership has put the security of our country at risk.” 

“That Richard Burr is eagerly looking forward to working with Donald Trump proves he’s even more out of touch with North Carolinians than previously thought,” DSCC spokesperson Sam Lau said Friday. “Now they have the herculean task of explaining their own out-of-touch records while running alongside their party’s new standard bearer: a divisive and dangerous personality.”

The first-term senator’s race against challenger New Hampshire Democratic Gov.  “We are already seeing a number of them, like Barbara Comstock in Virginia’s 10th District, distancing themselves from Trump. “If he continues to align himself with the party’s standard bearer, North Carolinians will look forward to working to retire Richard Burr this November.”

Republicans need to win New Hampshire to keep their Senate majority but face long odds, considering they must defend 24 seats compared to 10 for Democrats.

Democrats will have plenty of soundbites and video clips of Trump talking about Muslims, women and other politically-sensitive issues in ways that party members will find offensive.

Democrats would need to win roughly 30 seats in November to retake control of the lower chamber.

“Many House incumbents, especially in marginal districts, are worried about their chances with Trump at the top of the ticket,” Joe Desilet, a Republican strategist at the strategy firm 21st and Main, said Friday

Adam Meyer, The Nation’s Top Sports Handicapper to Earn $1.5 Million Dollars if the St. Louis Cardinals Win the World Series

Home | Handicappers | Adam Meyer, The Nation’s Top Sports Handicapper to Earn $1.5 Million Dollars if the St. Louis Cardinals Win the World Series

Each week, it is estimated that $10 million dollars are wagered

based on his advice.

Meyer placed his wager with the M Resort and Casino in Las Vegas,

Nevada. Meyer then placed a $25,000 wager on Animal Kingdom to

win the Kentucky Derby at 26-1 odds netting him over $500,000.

. In 2011 Adam Meyer Published Real Money Sports Magazine

and introduced his iPhone application, Adam Wins, that debuted on itunes

September 23. Adam appears weekly on more than a dozen radio

shows across the country from KNBR in San Francisco to WEEI in Boston. “I felt strongly about the way the Cardinals had ended the regular

season,” said Adam Meyer. Meyer has proven that understanding where there is

line value and knowing when and who to bet on, has become a very

profitable formula for both Meyer and his thousands of clients.

About Adam Meyer

While each wager is unique, Meyer has a track record of placing, and

winning, large bets on major sporting events including the Super Bowl

and Kentucky Derby.

Adam has been featured or referenced in USA Today (Reid Cherner), ESPN

Insider (Chad Millman), CNBC (Darren Rovell), The Wall Street Journal,

E! TV, Fox Sports Net, NBC, ABC, Cigar Aficionado and The Las Vegas

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Two wagers that have garnered a lot of attention for Meyer over the past

year involved the Green Bay Packers Super Bowl win and Animal Kingdom’s

Kentucky Derby win. Meyer received 15-1 odds, which would provide him with a $1.5

million dollar payday should the Cardinals win.

“These bets are not about gambling, these wagers are more about a

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Series,” said Adam Meyer about the way a professional sports handicapper

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Photos/Multimedia Gallery Available:

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Meyer is often referred to as the nation’s top sports handicapper and

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the stock markets. “Add the equation of the veterans in the

lineup and ace pitcher, Chris Carpenter, there was definitely value at

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FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Adam Meyer, President and CEO of Real Money Sports, Inc., operator of

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Adam Meyer has been in the sports handicapping business for over 23

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Picking winners is the best handicapping strategy

Home | Handicappers | Picking winners is the best handicapping strategy

For its last three or four races, American Pharoah has been a gimme in any pick 3, 4 or 6 sequence in which it has been involved.

Whereas it is great fun to beat a favorite, there’s this to keep in mind: all favorites are not alike. The trendy horse, Firing Line, barely got around the race track. Wet tracks never help an outside horse unless it can get to the lead. Here’s what’s much weaker than playing American Pharoah in the Derby and the Preakness: playing something else. Like all the great ones.


The place to look for “value” is at the pawn shop.

What will a Triple Crown winner do for this country?

Two streaks held steady at the Preakness. American Pharoah is not like the even-money horse in a $5,000 claiming race at Charles Town, where you might beat the chalk with a farm pet. Trendy horses make money disappear. You would have to bring something fancy to compete with Pharoah.

Make us happy.

One of the most costly fears around the horse race track is fear of favorites.

Many public handicappers who would have a hard time picking what day tomorrow is act as though picking a favorite is a sign of weakness. The goal is to make some money. They’re almost reluctant to recommend something that would pay almost a 100 percent return on the investment in a few minutes. But this is no fair weather runner from California like California Chrome and Dortmund.

What’s not to like about a great animal.

It can be more harmful than the fear of the kitchen at the track.

The goal of horse race handicapping is not to beat the favorite. And the “value” jinx was once again a sure thing, as one TV picker said he was looking for “value” and then tabbed Firing Line.

Knowing which favorite you can’t beat is a trait that is often indicative of good horse handicapping sense.

Sure, Materiality and another party crasher or two will have the speed to test Pharoah in New York.

Hopefully we’re past the point where certain of the handicapping set think that the extra distance in New York will benefit a closer. The winner will be near the front